Haircutting- An Art

Haircutting is an art. Many people cut hair, but few master the art of haircutting. To become a master haircutter is to understand and practice the fundamentals, principles, and concepts that both limit and produce predictable, desirable results. With all due respect, most stylists cut...


Thermal Reconditioning

In 1994, I had the good fortune of being introduced to one of the first people to do Thermal Reconditioning (TR), also known as Japanese Straightening. I immediately sent my salon team to be trained on the service and we have been doing TR ever...


Hair Straightening and Hair Smoothing Update

This has been compiled from various sources that I feel are credible. Please contact me if you have any questions after reading the report. Sorry it is a bit long but I wanted to provide all the information that I could. Hair Straightening and Hair Smoothing...


2017 Fall Hair Fashion Forecast

[wpfai_social] By Tony Promiscuo This fall look for a lot of layers. Short medium or long hair are all popular, movement and texture are the keys to cool this season. Hair color is the real story. Much bolder placement of colors allow for more subtle blending of...