Hair Coloring: A Blend of Art and Science

Hair Coloring: A Blend of Art and Science

Hair coloring is a blend of art and science. The measure of its success is not only in the mirror, but in the feel, health and shine of the hair that has been colored.   We specialize in healthy, beautiful hair color.

One thing that sets us apart is our ability to understand what our color clients want. The thing that makes our clients so happy is not only our knowledge of what to do, but also knowing what NOT to do.

The majority of corrective color we do was previously done by other hairdressers. In most cases, the mistake was not knowing their limitations and trying to exceed what the hair was capable of. The other common mistakes are in communication. The rest of the corrective color we do is repairing color done at home.

Color Correction Specialists

If you are reading this, you are probably upset and searching frantically for hair color help! We are sorry that you have found yourself in this color predicament.  No worries! We work with a variety of hair-color issues and color corrections; there isn’t a lot that we haven’t seen or corrected.

Our approach to color correction consists of 3 goals:

Goal #1

Evaluate your hair to determine porosity and elasticity. This evaluation enables us to determine the steps we need to take. The condition of your hair is first and foremost!

Goal #2

Improve your hair color. Get you to a hair color that you are comfortable and happy wearing.

Goal #3

Give you the look that you wanted you wanted in the first place!

In most cases, we are able to achieve all 3 goals. There is no way we can determine a course of action without first seeing you. We do require an in-person consultation to get you the best result. Consultations are FREE. It’s unfortunate that you have ended up unhappy. The good news is we are here to help you achieve the hair you see in your dreams!

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