The foundation for any hair design is a haircut. Included with each haircut is a consultation, shampoo, conditioning, style and home maintenance program.

Haircutting Menu


Rising Star







Children (12 and under)



Express Tune Up for Men



Hair Color Menu


Rising Star

Fluorescent/Neon Colors



Color Refresh






Root Erase



One Step Color






Partial Highlight



Full Highlight






Balayage/Ombre’/Color Melt



Flashback/Grey Blending for Men



More About Dimensional Color


We offer multiple Dimensional Color techniques. Each is designed to work with a specific haircut; a concept called color-cutting. By combining these techniques we are able to achieve almost limitless number of individual effects to suit your needs. Starting at $130. Estimates are available with complimentary consultations.

Blow Dry Bar

Who says life’s luxurious pleasures have to be pricey? At Godiva Salon, having your hair professionally styled is now more affordable than ever. Many guests are turning to a weekly visit to the salon for a quick blow-dry and style. This is a great way to get ready for the weekend, a business meeting, or maybe a special occasion. The convenient blow-dry service at Godiva Salon is only $35 and includes a relaxing shampoo in our private wash house, using products custom selected for your hair.


Also we offer a not-so-guilty blow-dry package that will save you 20% on the services. When you buy 8 blow-dry sessions you will receive 2 free blow-dry sessions.


In addition you may chose from a list of upgrades to your service which includes deep conditioning treatments, Keratriplex treatments or professional heat styling with our Paul Mitchell Pro Tools for that special occasion. All of our upgrades range from only $10 to $30 extra per service. Give us a call and indulge in one of life’s simple pleasures at a very special price.


*Please note that if you are a guest who has extensions in your hair, there is a possibility of a small up charge due to special extension care.


Straightening Smoothing and Waving


For our clients who are tired of frizz and unwanted curl, Thermal Reconditioning (TR) or one of our custom smoothing treatments is the perfect solution!


Thermal Reconditioning


Godiva Salon began doing Thermal Reconditioning (aka Japanese Hair Straightening) in 1994 shortly after Thermal Reconditioning had been introduced to the United States.  In the early years of TR my salon was the only salon in the Eastern half of the United States offering TR services. It was so new in fact that the manufacturers of the products didn’t provide the level of training that I felt is required to produce beautiful and consistent results. I am fortunate to have colleagues that are chemists, and with their help I put together a training system and certification for my stylists to insure the results that you deserve. Even today we have clients that travel from other states to have their TR done by Godiva Salon. We literally have thousands of hours of experience performing this service and as they say “there really is no substitute for experience”.


Custom Waving and Permanent Waxing


For those of you who struggle to maintain volume in the humid South we may have an answer. In most cases we are able to provide the support you need with as few as six medium to large waving rods. The rollers are strategically placed and the size of the sections (or base) is bigger than normal. This results in lift and expansion at the root and a gentle wave that produces body in fine to medium textures of hair. This service may be done on highlighted and color treated hair.

Bridal Services


We know how important your wedding day is. Godiva Salon is committed to your making you hair and make-up a fun and fulfilling part of this occasion.


We offer a number of options and will customize our schedules to meet your needs. Below is a sampling of our prices. No two weddings are exactly alike so we will provide quotes based on your specific needs. For exact pricing we recommend a planning session that will usually take about thirty minutes.

In Salon


Shampoo and Blow-Dry


With Smoothing Iron



Bride Trial

Bride Wedding Day

Bridal Party Member





Up Do (rate increases w/ time)


Bride Consultation

(and Trial Services Hair Styling)

On Location

(fees include any combination of salon services)


Minimum Fee


Hourly Rate


Wedding Questionnaire

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Wedding Contract

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On Location Pricing For

Your Wedding Day

How it Works


We will forward you a questionnaire — or you can download and print from the link to the left — to gather information such as how many people will need attention, and what services they will need. It will be helpful to get an idea of the hair lengths, and if possible, the styles desired.


Based on your response, we will assess how much time is needed and estimate the fee for service. A fee per hour, not per person, always works out to your advantage, as you don’t pay the same fee for a quick blow-dry as you would for a style that is more labor-intensive.
You pay only for the time used, as long as it is equal to, or more than, the minimum fee of $450. Portions of an hour are billed in thirty-minute increments.


This is more convenient for everyone. On such a busy and fun occasion, the individual attendants are not worrying about money. if someone did her own hair or had it done somewhere else, we can touch her up as well. We are there to ensure your whole party looks good.


The hourly rate is for one stylist. If more than one is needed or requested the fee will be based on your determined needs.


Finally, we will forward you a contract – or you can download and print from the link to the left – and ask you to sign and return it with a $150-250 deposit based on your bridal party. One half of the estimated cost will be due 3 days prior to the wedding. The remaining balance of the estimate will be charged to your card on the morning of the wedding.

We Look Forward to Helping You Look Beautiful on Your Special Day

Other Services


We offer a variety of other services to complete your experience



Thirst Quencher

Deep moisture for dehydrated hair



Clarify before conditioning


Hair and Scalp Treatment

For dry and itching scalp


Awapuhi Keratriplex

Highly concentrated blend of exclusive keratin proteins which repairs and seals from cuticle to core.











Men’s facial waxing




Godiva Salon’s advanced hair cutting classes are for any skill level. The focus of the classes is to create a better understanding of concepts principles and disciplines in hair cutting. Although you may learn a new haircut, that is not the goal. The goal is to give you a greater degree of confidence in the outcome of all of your haircuts. A favorite quote “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Through this class you will discover why some techniques you use produce the results you want while others don’t. Class size is limited for a hands-on personal experience.


Cut Loose


This class is designed to take the mystery out of texturing. It will also introduce the concept of disconnection, and build on the foundation of knowledge from Boot Camp. This class is limited to the first 8 people to register. Gain confidence and enhance your creativity.


Techniques to be covered:
• Point cutting
• Chipping
• Notching
• Whittling
• Thumb-free
• Disconnection and many more…


Boot Camp


This is a foundational class. It’s called Boot Camp because the drills and exercises are challenging and will be fun. You will experience different hand and body positions which ill encourage consistent results. Tools required are scissors, clips, combs, brushes, blow dryer, and a tripod if available. If not a long neck stand will be provided. The one day course includes a mannequin and lunch.