What is Balayage? By Tony Promiscuo

What is Balayage? By Tony Promiscuo

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Wow! This has got to be one of the most requested trends in hair color ever. So what is Balayage? Quite simply hair color or lightener placed precisely by hand using a sweeping placement that is more aggressive towards the ends. The beauty of the process is that the regrowth is very forgiving if done properly. We think of it as a more organic type of color. Many of our traditional high-lighting clients are now chosing a more organic placement. This softens the regrowth so there is little or no definite line of demarcation.

Balayage although soft in appearance requires a bolder placement of color or lightener because the goal is to stay within the clients “Family of Color”. As a general rule the closer the color is to ones natural color the bolder the placement because more hair has to be colored in order to see it. The difference with traditional Highlighting is that typically only about 25% of the hair is being colored so the with less hair colored with lighter shades are necessary. Below are two recent Bayalage colors by Danielle.



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