Should I color my hair?

Should I color my hair?

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By Tony Promiscuo

My simple answer is yes. Women have colored their hair for thousands of years. There is one thing I have learned in 35 years of working with women, that is to trust their instincts. They are usually right. With that being said I will share a few of my thoughts on the subject.

Have you ever cut a picture from a magazine? You carry it around with you until your next haircut appointment rolls around. Much to your dismay, the stylist actually came very close with the haircut. Yet it still is lacking something, if you take a closer look at the photo it probably has hair color. In today’s fashion there is not a photo or image on television or in movies that does not have hair color.

Have you ever asked yourself how old you really feel? Psychological studies suggest that most of us feel as if we are in our mid-twenties to early thirties. If you look in the mirror and that perspective changes, it is very likely due to the gray or dullness of your hair. We tend to focus on the small lines that are forming that were never there before. Even they appear to be reduced when the harshness of contrasting gray is softened with color.

Finally, how long would we live in a house with only white walls? They certainly would provide the necessary shelter, but it would be rather boring. The fact is we use color in every aspect of our lives. In our homes to create moods, in our clothes to make a statement, even the cars that we drive were selected in part because of their color. Quite simply color creates texture, dimension, and evokes emotional responses. Using color to be the best one can be only makes sense.

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