Japanese Straightening or Keratin Smoothing?

Japanese Straightening or Keratin Smoothing?

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Keratin Smoothing or Japanese Straightening?

By Tony Promiscuo

We receive a lot of calls from people wondering which is best for them. My answer is they are two totally different services with different purposes. Some time ago the Keratin treatments removed one of the ingredients that had been deemed harmful. That ingredient gave the treatments the ability to straighten hair. By removing that ingredient it lost the ability to straighten but, it still does a nice job of smoothing the surface of the hair with special conditioners that are infused into the hair with a heated iron. Results vary regarding the length of time they last but usually 4-12 weeks.

Japanese Straightening also known as Thermal Reconditioning contains an ingredient that has been used to curl hair for almost a hundred years. It is ammonium thioglycolate. When used properly some or all of the wave or curl in the hair can be removed. How long it lasts depends on the degree of straightening but usually lasts a minimum of 4 months. If straightened completely the results last until the treated hair is trimmed away. Re-touches are done on average every 6 months.

I hope this clears up the confusion when it comes to these two treatments. If you are still not sure which is right for you give me a call.

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